When the pandemic started back in March 2020, our team worked to identify the internal procedures to allow us the continuation of the activity in compliance with the sanitary law. We established the internal norms based on the current legislation and developed the HACCP plan with industry specialists.

The current procedures are subject to constant reviews according to the latest law developments.

The main actions implemented are the following:

Strict hygiene of the personnel:
  • The staff has been instructed by specialists while implementing the new HACCP
  • The staff is using protection equipment available in all restaurant’s areas
  • All areas have available disinfection solutions
  • Weekly testing
  • Temperature monitoring of the staff

Support for staff vaccination

Strict hygiene of the spaces:

  • We use daily UV disinfection lamps in all area – kitchen, salons
  • We use approved disinfection materials
  • The frequency of the cleaning schedules have been increased
  • At all entrances we use trays with disinfection solutions for shoe cleaning
  • We perform monthly overall disinfection actions with specialized companies
  • All areas have available, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers

Hygiene measures for the spaces:

  • All tables are 2 m apart from each other
  • Menus are available in QR code format or Ipad (disinfected after each use)
  • Hand sanitizers are available at the entrances, toilets, tables
  • The tables and each item used by clients are disinfected

These are difficult times, however we believe that together we will surpass them. Any ideas are welcomed and please send them at